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We keep on being asked for more information about the Geordie dialect and other British dialects. Here are some selected titles available from Amazon. Select from any of the selected Books/Videos below. Thi s section has been updated recently ( Jan2006 ) to include recent releases on DVD. This will be further updated very soon.

Geordie Books
Northumbrian Region & History

Who Wants To be a Geordie
This quiz book uses the term Geordie in its broadest sense and offers 500 multiple-choice questions spread over ten differently themed sections that cover all aspects of that north-east corner of England that can loosely be termed Geordie-land.

  • Where in Newcastle will you find a Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar?
• What is a ‘spuggy’?
• Which children’s TV programme of the 1980s was based in Tynemouth?
• What is the name of the first football team to play at St James’s Park?
Todds Geordie words and phrases
Highly recommended, great as a gift. Dictionary of Northumbrian words and phrases.

Geordie Songs, Jokes and Recitations

Tough Times & Grisly Crimes:
A History of Crime in Northumberland and County Durham

New book by Nigel Green. See also
  Tough Times and Grisly Crimes covers three centuries of criminal history in the North East.

Author Nigel Green has delved into subjects ranging from public executions and body-snatching through to prostitution and riots.
The book also looks at many of the region's most infamous murders, including some that remain a mystery to this day.

100 Geordie Jokes

Canny Geordie Cookbook
Old, forgotten and new Northumbrian dishes.
The Geordie Bible
The Geordie Netty
A netty is the Geordie word for toilet.
Larn Yersel Geordie
Famous paperback with hints on pronunciation. Learn such gems as "Wor gran wuz gannin tappy-lappy doon the lonnen whan she couped hor creels"
The New Geordie Dictionary

The Leek Club
Sex, violence, betrayal and leeks - growing up Geordie in the 1950's. A boozy, brawling and bawdy tale of life in a northeast coal mining town when coal was king and a prize leek was the key to a fortune

Viz Presents: Roger's Profanisaurus

A dictionary of swearing.

Viz Annual: The Clowns Pie

Northumbrian region and History

My Land of the North
An account of Catherine Cookson's harsh upbringing in the industrial North East, and the effect that its poverty, exploitation and bigotry had on her life and her writing. The book is a tribute by Cookson to the land of her birth, which provided the inspiration for all her novels.

Northumbria's Golden Age
Detailing the time around the 7th Century with the reign of Edwin and the arrival of Celtic Christianity, the time where pre Scotland and England, Northumbria stretched from north of Edinburgh (Edwin's burgh, hence the name) to the river Humber.
Walks in the Secret Kingdom: North Northumbria
This book covers the northern part of Northumberland that lies between the river Coquet in the south and the Scottish Borders to the north, and between the North Sea to the east and the Cheviot Hills in the west. This vast and remote area is surely a paradise for walkers--yet relatively few walkers seem to have discovered it! One can walk many a mile almost without meeting another walker, but you are assured of a warm, friendly welcome in the villages and pubs.
Northumbria (Lee Frost, Eric Robson)
For those that don't know, Northumbria was an ancient British kingdom, stretching at it's peak from the Humber to the Forth - now the term Northumbria most commonly refers to the old (pre 1974) English counties of Durham & Northumberland. This book is jam packed with stunning photographs of the area.Everything that there is to see of note in Northumbria is here - Castles, Coastline, Moorland, Churches. makes this publication the essence of Northumbria and it's inhabitants on paper.
AA Leisure Guide Northumbria and Hadrian's Wall
The volumes in this series provide full A-Z gazetteers of information on some of the most beautiful areas in Britain and present ten walks and two car tours, plus information for cyclists. A small atlas is included to assist with travelling. The guide includes a weekend itinerary from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and describes the customs, traditions, history and legends of the area as well a providing a checklist of places to visit and shop with addresses and telephone numbers

The King's England: County Durham (Arthur Mee)
Durham, with its splendid cathedral, features strongly in this text, yet the reader also hears of the many other gems the county holds: Wearside Escomb, with its tiny Saxon church; Raby and the Vane family; Bishop Auckland and Brancepeth and their castles; and Blaydon, made famous by a song.

An Atlas of English Dialects
This text reports the findings of the Survey of English Dialects, a record of the 20th-century nonstandard dialects. It is aimed at general readers as well as language specialists.
The Dialects of England
"The Dialects of England" celebrates the rich variety of the regional and social dialects of English in all its forms, ancient and modern. In this new, revised and extended edition, the author includes phonetic symbols along with the orthographic representations of speech sounds. Zummerzet and Scouse, Cockney and Cumberland, Brummie and Berkshire, Nottingham, Norfolk and Estuary English are all covered.
Click to find out more The Dialect of Cumberland
Click to find out more Englishes around the World II
This collection of essays covers such topics as: the English of West Indian students; style and register in Jamaican Patwa; aspects of the syntax of Nigerian English; English in Japan; Philippine English; Indian pidgin English; and Australian English as a national language.
Click to find out more English Accents and Dialects An Introduction to Social and Regional Varieties of English in the British Isles
Now in its third edition, this is an introductory survey of the main regional and social varieties of English spoken in the British Isles. The authors discuss accent and dialect in the broader framework of language variation, including phonetic, phonological, grammatical, lexical, historical and stylistic differences. This is followed by a survey of the speech of 12 different areas of the British Isles.
Click to find out more The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang
This dictionary presents an up-to-date record of modern slang. Drawing on the resources of the "Oxford English Dictionary" and illustrated throughout with quotations, this new dictionary covers over 5,000 slang words and phrases that have taken refuge in the English language this century.
Click to find out more The Cambridge History of the English Language
The Lindisfarne Gospels The Lindisfarne Gospels
Geordie English Geordie - English Viv and the Geordie Mafia 2 Viv and the Geordie Mafia volume 2
Murder, mayhem, drugs, violence and sex form the backdrop to this modem-day tale of life in the crime-ridden underbelly of Newcastle
The Krays - The Geordie Connection The Krays - The Geordie Connection
A truly great book gives a good insight in how a Geordie lad became friends with the Krays from first writing to the Krays to getting a visiting order to meet them
The Writings of a Geordie Lad The Writings of a Geordie Lad
Wicked Geordie English Wicked Geordie English
Wicked Geordie English Toon Tales
A Euro Geordie Pilgrimage
The Toon a Newcastle United History The Toon a complete History of Newcastle United Football Club
Includes Season 2003-2004
The Little Book of Newcastle United The Little Book of Newcastle United
The Black and White Alphabet The Black 'n' White Alphabet: Complete Who's Who of Newcastle United F.C. The Black and White Alphabet Into the Light - The complete history of Sunderland Football Club
The Far Corner The far corner - a mazy dribble through North East football
Harry Pearson

Geordie/Northumbrian CD's

The Northumbrian Smallpipes Kathryn Williams - Dog Leap stairs Kathryn Williams - Dog Leap Stairs
Kathryn Williams - Relations Kathryn Willams - Relations
Relations: 2004
Lindisfarne - Nicely out of tune Lindisfarne - Nicely out of Tune
Lindisfarne - Best Of Lindisfarne - Best of
Lindisfarne - Fog on the Tyne Lindisfarne - Fog on the Tyne
(Remastered) 2004
Geordie - Best Of Geordie - Best Of
Animals - Best Of Animals - Best Of


Newcastle United - 501 Goals Newcastle United - 501 Goals
Oct 2004
Newcastle United - Big Hits Newcastle United - Big Hits
12 memorable games the magpies have been in in recent seasons. Remember The Barca game?
Newcastle United - End of Season 2003/2004 Newcastle United - End of Season review 2003/2004
Robsons final team almost clinching a European final
Newcastle United - End of Season 2002/2003 Newcastle United Flying High - End of Season review 2003/2004
Newcastle United - Return of the Entertainers, season 2001/2002 Newcastle United Return of the Entertainers- End of Season review 2001/2002
Robson creates a team like the Keegan Years
Sunderland v Leeds, 1973 FA Cup Final Sunderland v Leeds - FA CUP 1973
North East - Out of Town Out of Town - The North East
Eric Robson and a border terrier discover the joys of Northumberland, Tyneside, County Durham and Berwickshire on foot.
Get Carter Get Carter
The Classic starring Michael Caine!
Gabriel and Me Gabriel and Me
Jimmy Spud is an eleven year old boy with aspirations of becoming an angel, he believes that doing good deeds will help him in his quest...
Purely Belter ( The Season Ticket ) Purely Belter
Purely Belter is a humorous but poignant drama from Film Four starring Chris Beattie and Greg McLane as two Newcastle teenagers who embark on a series of money-raising schemes in a desperate attempt to raise the necessary funds to buy Newcastle United season tickets.
Best of British - dvd Best of British - East is East, Brassed Off, Purely Belter
The One and Only One and Only
Justine Waddell, Richard Roxburgh,
Jonathan Cake, Patsy Kensit
Set in and around Newcastle
Gazza - the one and only Gazza - the one and only
The lad from Dunston
Our Friends in the North Our Friends in the North
Acclaimed saga stretching from 1964 till 1995 follows the lives of 4 young people in North East England
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Auf Wiedersehn Pet - Series 1
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Auf Wiedersehn Pet - Series 2
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Auf Wiedersehn Pet - Series 3
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Auf Wiedersehn Pet - Series 4
Whatever happened to the Likely Lads

Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads - The Very Best Of Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads [1973]
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads was actually a revival, in 1973, of the successful Dick Clements/Ian La Frenais 1960s comedy The Likely Lads, so notable for its fibrous but sympathetic treatment of life for two young men coming of age in North East England

The Likely Lads film The Likely Lads [1976]
The two Geordie lads set off on a touring holiday with wife and mistress. Based on the television series of the same name.
Catherine Cookson - The Classics: Tilly Trotter/The Cinder Path/The Fifteen Streets/The Gambling Man Catherine Cookson - The Classics: Tilly Trotter/The Cinder Path/The Fifteen Streets/The Gambling Man
April 28, 2003
Catherine Cookson - The Classics: Tilly Trotter/The Cinder Path/The Fifteen Streets/The Gambling Man The Catherine Cookson Collection (23 Disc Boxset)
April 28, 2003
The Mallen Secret,
The Mallen Curse, The Mallen Girls, The Mallen Streak, The Fifteen Streets, The Wingless Bird, The Round Tower, The Black Velvet Gown, The Black Candle, The Rag Nymph, The Moth, The Girl, The Tide Of Life, The Glass Virgin, The Gambling Man, The Man Who Cried, The Cinder Path, The Dwelling Place, Colour Blind, Tilly Trotter, The Storyteller (documentary about Catherine Cookson), The Secret, Dinner Of Herbs
The Pink Panther - Durham The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection
Well he is from Durham!
The Billy Elliot Billy Elliot
Foursquare in the gritty-but-hearwarming tradition of Brassed Off and The Full Monty comes Billy Elliot, the first film of noted British theatrical director Stephen Daldry
Stormy Monday Stormy Monday
Sting stars in Newcastle film

  Simon Newell, 1996-2004,